The BotanicaNutra Difference

At BotanicaNutra, we go well above and beyond the industry standard to produce the most effective and scientifically sound dietary supplements. It is our promise to implement an exhaustive process to ensure that our products deliver only the highest quality, most effective formulas and ingredients to you and your body.

Every product we offer must first become BotanicaNutra Certified by undergoing a rigorous multi step Research and Testing Protocol. The protocol is as follows:

1. World Class Formulators. Every formula must meet the approval of the BotanicaNutra team of chemists, researchers and nutritionist experts.

2. Effective Levels of Ingredients. We give you the honest amount of each ingredient that science shows will get you the best results.

3. Made With Natural Ingredients. We only use the highest quality and purest ingredients. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives in BotanicaNutra products.

4. Ingredient Testing. All of our ingredients come with a certificate of analysis providing verification of their purity and potency.

5. GMP Certified Manufacturing. Our manufacturers strictly follow the Good Manufacturing Practices required for Dietary Supplement and Food Manufacturing.

6. 3rd Party Quality Assurance Testing. Independent laboratories verify that the ingredients in our products are safe and in the appropriate amounts as listed on our labels.